Tumor Marker Control

Laboratories can utilize the Fujirebio Diagnostics Tumor Marker Control as an independent internal quality control to monitor the performance of their tumor marker testing.
  • The only available multi-constituent control containing the novel biomarker HE4
  • Contains clinically relevant proportions of FREE PSA and PSA-ACT
  • Contains medically relevant levels for HE4, AFP, CA 125, CA 15-3, CA 19-9, CEA, Ferritin, PSA, and Free PSA
  • Lyophilized, 100% human serum matrix
  • Reconstituted stability up to 60 days at <-20°C
  • Stable for up to 9 freeze/thaw cycles
  • Assayed values available for manual and automated methodologies


CE marked
Tumor Marker Control

Product number 108-20W

6 x 3 mL
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