Total PSA Antibodies

Total PSA assays (ie, assays for determination of Free PSA and PSA-ACT) require the use of antibodies recognizing exposed epitopes (ie, epitopes that are not influenced by the complex formation between PSA and ACT).

PSA10 or PSA36 MAb as catching antibodies in combination with PSA66 MAb as detecting antibody is recommended for the design of highly sensitive and specific assays, which are not dependent on the proportion of Free PSA and PSA-ACT, (ie, equimolar response assays).

Additional clones may be available on request.

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MAb Isotype Form Product Code Comments
PSA10 IgG1 Purified 304-01 Exposed epitope specific for PSA
PSA29 IgG1 Purified 311-01 Exposed epitope
PSA36 IgG1 Purified 306-01 Exposed epitope specific for PSA
PSA66 IgG1 Purified 310-01 Exposed epitope expressed in PSA and hk2

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