TENDIGO - from space to earth!

Oct 26, 2016

When Fujirebio set out in to design our TENDIGO instrument to allow our customers to enter the world of low-throughput IVD automation, the biggest challenge was how to keep the price of this instrument affordable and yet maintain the high quality standards that we have been sharing with our customers for more than 50 years.

Using cheaper components was certainly no option, so we partnered up with the Belgian company Verhaert and together ended up solving this puzzle by using smart solutions only applied before in the research facility in Europe’s Columbus laboratory on the International Space Station!

> Read the full story about how TENDIGO rimes with advanced space technology in this blog article from the European Space Agency, ESA.

Illustration: A cutaway view of Columbus, the European laboratory module of the International Space Station. - Copyright: 2016 ESA–D. Ducros