CEA Antibodies

Epitope characterization has revealed five major antigenic domains of CEA, “Gold epitope 1-5”. High affinity IgG1 monoclonal antibodies (4x10-11 mol/L) against “Gold epitope 5” (12-140-1 MAb) and “Gold epitope 4” (12-140-10 MAb), are suitable for serological and immunohistochemical determination of CEA.

For the development of sensitive and specific assays for determination of CEA, the 12-140-10 MAb is recommended as catching antibody in combination with labeled 12-140-1-MAb as detecting antibody.

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MAb Isotype Form Product Code Comments
12-140-1 IgG1 Purified 401-01R Gold epitope group 5
12-140-10 IgG1 Purified 402-01R Gold epitope group 4

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