CA15-3 Antibodies

The MUC-1 breast cancer antigen is a mucin-type glycoprotein. It is secreted from tumor cells and can be used as a serological marker of breast cancer. The Ma552 and Ma695 antibodies to MUC-1 were characterized in the ISOBM TD4-workshop. The Ma552 monoclonal antibody epitope is located in the mucin polypeptide core and recognizes the hexapeptide [TRPAPG].

The Ma695 monoclonal antibody recognizes a sialylated carbohydrate epitope expressed on MUC-1 mucin.

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MAb Isotype Form Product Code Comments
Ma552 IgG1 Purified 209-01R Specific for the tandem repeat of the MUC-1 core protein (analogue to DF3). Epitope [TRPAPG].
Ma695 IgG1 Purified 204-01R Carbohydrate on MUC-1 (analogue to 115D8).

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