CA125 Antibodies

The CA125 monoclonal antibodies recognize epitopes in the protein core of the CA125 antigen. These monoclonal antibodies show high specificity for ovarian cancer, and can be used for development of fast and sensitive homologous or heterologous assays.

According to ISOBM TD1-workshop CA125 contains three antigenic domains:

  • A-domain (Oc125)
  • B-domain (M11)
  • C-domain (Ov197)


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MAb Isotype Form Product Code Comments
Ov185 IgG1 Purified 203-01R B-domain (M11-like)
Ov197 IgG1 Purified 212-01R C-domain
OvK93 IgG1 Purified 406-01 A-domain (Oc125-like)
OvK95 IgG1 Purified 407-01R A-domain (Oc125-like)
OvK101 IgG1 Purified 408-01 B-domain (M11-like)
OC125 IgG1 Purified 201-850 A-Domain
M11 IgG1 Purified 205-485 B-Domain

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