Statement on the impact of coronavirus disease COVID-19 on our operations

Company news

The novel coronavirus disease Covid-19 first reported in Wuhan, China in late 2019 has spread beyond China. While the majority of cases are in China, as of this date there are confirmed infections in over 60 countries, on all continents.

The medical community is still learning about this virus. As of this time, it appears that many infections are asymptomatic, or lead to symptoms similar to those caused by influenza.  How the spread of this virus could impact the normal global flow of goods, and whether it could be more impactful than influenza for example, remains to be seen.

At Fujirebio Europe’s Belgian facilities, we have adequate inventories of raw materials to continue uninterrupted manufacturing operations for many months, and the Belgian group is not reliant on  sources of material originating from countries currently considered as risk areas for the products it manufactures in Belgium.  However, we are unable to predict or influence how global logistics and our ability to ship goods might be affected by Covid-19.

At present we see no need for our customers to place urgent orders for product.  However, customers and distributors who seek to build a local inventory of Fujirebio products are encouraged to contact Fujirebio Order Handling to describe their needs and determine the shelf life of the products requested.


Christiaan De Wilde Kurt Troch
On behalf of CDW Invest BV
Director Operations