COVID-19 testing solutions


We offer various testing solutions that are used across the world today to support fast and trustworthy diagnosis:

  • qualitative molecular rapid detection kit based on real-time fluorescent reverse transcription isothermal amplification and testing of naso- or oropharyngeal swab samples. This assay gives results within 75 minutes and does not require RNA extraction.
  • high-sensitive antigen assay running on our fully automated chemiluminescent platform, capable of testing both nasopharyngeal swab fluid or saliva samples and giving fast results, in up to 25 minutes.
  • lateral flow-based rapid antigen test that does not require any special equipment. This portable single assay device evaluates nasopharyngeal swab fluid, it uses a simple procedure and has a short time to result, of only 30 minutes.

Furthermore, thanks to our long-lasting and extensive experience in lung disease testing we also offer associated testing solutions that allow to predict disease severity in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. 

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