Scientific poster - A fully automated and scalable plasma pTau181 assay for Alzheimer's disease

Jan 4, 2023

Poster presented at the CTAD 2022

In this article, the diagnostic performance for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease of a modified version of the Lumipulse G pTau181 cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) test is evaluated.

Authors of the article: 
Wilson, E.N., Young, C.B., Ramos Benitez, J., Swarovski, M.S., Feinstein, I., Vandijck, M., Le Guen, Y., Kasireddy, N.M., Shahid, M., Corso, N.K., Wang, Q., Kennedy, G., Trelle, A.N., Lind, B., Chanappa, D., Benap, M., Ramirez, V., Sklyar-Scott, I., Younes, K., Yutsis, M.V., Le Bastard, N., Quinn, J.P., van Dyck, C.H., Nairn, A., Fredericks, C.A., Tian, L., Kerchner, G.A., Montine, T.J., Sha, S.J., Davidzon, G., Henderson, V.W., Longo, F.M., Greicius, M.D., Wagner, A.D., Wyss-Coray, T., Poston, K.L., Mormino, E.C., Andreasson, K.I.


At CTAD, a poster was presented evaluating the diagnostic performance of a modified version of the Lumipulse G pTau181 CSF test for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease, when applied to plasma. In the meantime, the full manuscript describing this work has been published and the main conclusions were:

  1. The Lumipulse G pTau181 assay showed robust performance in differentiating Alzheimer's disease from control participants.
  2. Plasma pTau181 was associated with CSF pTau181, CSF Aβ42/Aβ40 ratio, and amyloid PET global SUVRs.
  3. Plasma pTau181 significantly increased over time in cognitively unimpaired and Alzheimer's disease diagnostic groups.
  4. Baseline plasma pTau181 predicted change in cognitive measures in the Alzheimer's disease group over follow-up of up to 5 years.

These results support the application of this scalable blood-based biomarker assay for early detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring of Alzheimer's disease.

Read the full paper here

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