INNO-LiPA® CFTR 17+Tn Update

Analysis of 36 CFTR mutations and wild types, plus CBAVD-related Tn polymorphism

INNO-LiPA CFTR is a multiparameter line probe assay, based on the reverse hybridization principle, for the simultaneous detection and identification of 36 Cystic Fibrosis-related mutations and their wild-type sequences in human whole blood, dried blood spots, and buccal brush samples.

In addition, probes for the identification of the Tn polymorphism within intron 8 are included.

For the detection and identification of all 36 mutations, the INNO-LiPA CFTR 19 and INNO-LiPA CFTR 17+Tn Update kits are required.

    CE marked
    INNO-LiPA® CFTR17+Tn Update

    Product number 50558

    20 Tests
    Amplification CFTR

    Product number 80559

    2 x 20 Tests
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