Bordetella pertussis+CatACT LINE Immunoblot

Bordetella pertussis+CatACT LINE Immunoblot is for the qualitative detection of Bordetella pertussis specific IgA-/IgG-antibodies respectively in human serum.

The kit is used to detect a new, recent or long past infection with Bordetella pertussis or for differential diagnosis of longer lasting clinical manifestations with uncharacterised coughing. By virtue of the simultaneous detection of specific antibodies against pertussis-toxin (PT) and the catalytic part of the adenylate cyclase toxins (CatACT), the distinction between a Bordetella pertussis infection and an inoculation can be facilitated in most cases. 

Furthermore, the Line Immunoblot may provide evidence of possible infection with B. parapertussis. The absence of specific antibodies against PT and simultaneous presence of antibodies against CatACT [genus-specific] (17) and FHA may be regarded as evidence of B. parapertussis infection.

The Line Immunoblot assay is a strip-based method using recombinant proteins applied in well-defined positions to nitrocellulose strip by a micro-dispensing method.  

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Bordetella pertussis+CatACT IgG LINE Immunoblot

Product number 80824

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B. pertussis + CatACT IgG LINE Ctrl-Set

Product number 81403

Bordetella pertussis+CatACT IgA LINE Immunoblot

Product number 80825

32 Tests
B. pertussis + CatACT IgA LINE Ctrl-Set

Product number 81402

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