Qualitative detection of promotor hypermethylation of 2 cervical cancer associated genes (FAM19A4 and hsa-miR124-2).

Identify HPV positive women with high short-term progression to (pre)cancer.

Special Features:

  • Sample types:
    • Bisulfite-converted DNA isolated from physician collected cervical specimens or self-collected vaginal specimens
  • Clinical performance - Long-term data:   
    • Most evaluated and validated methylation assay to identify HPV positive women with progressing cervical disease in direct need for colposcopy or other follow-up procedures1,2
    • Demonstrating very high sensitivity for cervical cancer detection (95.0-100%) in HPV-positive cervical specimens2,3,4
    • Longitudinal data: The long-term risk for cancer with a negative PreCursor-M+ is lower than with a negative cytology result; for CIN3 the long-term risk is similar as cytology5,6 
  • Flexible:
    • Suitable for various sample types, including self-samples and common Liquid Based Cytology media types
    • Compatible with standard DNA extraction methods
  • Reliable:     
    • Build-in check for sample quality ensuring reliable results 

Precursor-M+ is a registered trademark of the legal manufacturer, Self-screen B.V., the Netherlands, and is distributed by Fujirebio Europe.

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  • Details

    Technical Specifications:

    • Method:
      • Multiplex real-time methylation-specific PCR assay
    • Target:
      • Promotor hypermethylation of 2 cervical cancer associated genes (FAM19A4 and hsa-miR124-2)
    • Sample types:
      • Cervical specimens stored in PreservCyt Solution or HC2 DNA Collection device
      • Self-collected vaginal brush/broom samples
    • Sample volume:
      • Input in the PreCursor-M+ reaction is 2.5 μL of bisulfite-converted DNA
    • Reaction time:
      • Total time to result: 4 - 24hrs. (incl. DNA extraction and bisulfite conversion; semi-automated or manual workflow)
        PreCursor-M+ assay:
      • Run time in real-time PCR cycler: within 90 minutes
      • Hands-on time: 20 minutes
    • Equipment:​​​​​​
      • Mic qPCR cycler (Bio Molecular Systems)
      • QPCR software (Bio Molecular Systems)
      • PreCursor-M+ v.1.0.mic template



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    6. Dick et al. Long-term CIN3+ risk of HPV positive women after triage with FAM19A4/miR124-2 methylation analysis. Gynecol Oncol. 2019;154(2):368-373
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