INNOTEST hPLAP (CE marked) is an enzyme immunoassay based on a unique monoclonal antibody for the quantitative determination of human placental alkaline phosphatase (hPLAP) in serum and heparinized plasma.

hPLAP (human placental alkaline phosphatase) is a marker for diagnosis and monitoring of seminomas.

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      Features & Benefits

      • Sample material: Serum or heparinized plasma
      • Sample volume: 2 x 100µl 
      • Standards: Ready-to-use 
      • No sample dilution
      • Contents: 12 strips with 8 wells each 


      hPLAP is present in the serum of pregnant women, from the second trimester onwards, produced by the placental trophoblast.

      The discovery of hPLAP by the group of W.H. Fischman in serum and tumor tissue of a male cancer patient, extensive research has indicated that in a number of types of cancer hPLAP is present in the patient's serum.

      The application of monoclonal antibodies specific for hPLAP enables measurement of this enzyme without interference from other alkaline phosphatase (AP, EC isoenzymes.

      The hPLAP assay is an additional tool in the confirmation of diagnosis and in the monitoring of cancer patients, particularly those with seminoma, testicular, or ovarian cancer. Persistently increasing hPLAP levels can be associated with progressive malignant disease or poor response to therapy, whereas declining hPLAP levels may indicate response to treatment or of recovery.


      • Human Placental Alkaline Phosphatase (hPLAP) is the Most Frequently Elevated Serum Marker in Testicular Cancer, A. Neumann, T. Keller, D. Jocham, C. Doehn

      CAUTION: Studies indicate that smoking habits of subjects should be taken into account when evaluating serum hPLAP levels.

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