Finally, a clear answer in HTLV confirmation 

Line immunoassay for the confirmation and discrimination of antibodies to Human T-cell Lymphotrophic Virus type I (HTLV-I) and type II (HTLV-II) in human serum and plasma.

The assay uses well-defined antigens derived from HTLV I and HTLV II immunodominant proteins.

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      The antigens are either recombinant proteins or synthetic peptides that are purified and fixed on a nylon membrane.

      The antigenicity exhibited by these proteins and peptides is either common to HTLV I and HTLV II antibodies or type-specific to one of the two viruses allowing confirmation and discrimination in a single assay.

      Two gag bands (p19 I/II, p24 I/II) and two env (gp46 I/II, gp21 I/II) bands are applied as non-type-specific antigens, used to confirm the presence of antibodies against HTLV I/II.

      The type-specific antigens (gag p19-I, env gp46-I) specific for HTLV I and (env gp46-II) specific for HTLV II, enable differentiation of HTLV I and HTLV II infections.

      Features & Benefits

      • Complete answer in one test: confirmation and discrimination

      • Low follow-up rate

      • Low indeterminate rate

      • Optimal specificity in screened-negative blood donors: 99.7% (304/305)

      • Optimal sensitivity for HTLV I (100%; 218/218) and HTLV II (100%; 112/112)

      • Color-coded reagents

      • Ready-to-use reagents

      • Four control lines to monitor 1) non-specific reactivity, 2) sample addition,  3) and 4) color development steps

      • Fully automated strip processing possible using TENDIGO™, Auto-LIA™ 48, AutoBlot 3000(H) or Roboblot®

      • Objective, automated reading and interpretation of the strips possible using LiRAS® for Infectious Diseases

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