iAMP COVID-19 Detection Kit

Qualitative nucleic acid detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on naso- or oropharyngeal swabs without pre-treatment. 
Fast. Simple. Accurate.

Special Features:

  • Method:

    • Isothermal amplification with real time fluorescence detection

  • Simplicity:

    • Sample does not require pre-heating, RNA extraction nor purification 

    • Limited hands-on time

  • Fast:

    • Sample-to-result between 75 to 90 minutes only 

  • Accurate: 

    • Methodology based on nucleic acid detection

  • Flexible:

    • Flexible sample numbers per run with no waste of reagents

  • Save:

    • Immediate virus inactivation by sample buffer

CE marked
iAMP COVID-19 Detection Kit

Product number 80767

100 Tests
iAMP COVID-19 Sample Collection Device*

Product number 80762

100 Tests
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