First-void urine collection using Colli-Pee.

Traditionally, first-void urine or first-catch urine is collected by having the patient start to urinate into a specimen container, stop when the container is full, and then continue voiding into the toilet again.

However, for men this can be a problem as they are not able to stop the urine flow, whereas women have difficulties in correctly positioning the container.

Colli-Pee is a device especially designed for standardized first-void urine collection by capturing the first 20ml of a urine sample more efficiently and requiring less effort from the user.

Colli-Pee has a unique inherent float system, which prevents midstream urine from entering the specimen container after it has been filled with first-void urine, all the while creating a passage through which the superfluous urine can pass through the device into the toilet.

With this device, the patient can collect a first-void urine sample without having to interrupt the urine flow. The collected sample can afterwards easily be transferred to the lab for analysis.

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For research use only
Colli-Pee prefilled with UCM preservative

Product number 80631

80 Units/box
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